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Facebook Find WiFi: How To Browse Facebook For Free

Finally, Facebook has rolled-out a new feature called Find Wi-Fi. the feature allow users to locate available free Wi-Fi networks around and connect to them easily.

Facebook Find Wifi

Although this feature is not new to some people as it was first introduced for iPhone users in some selected countries last year but the good news is that the feature is now available to both Andriod and iOS users across the world. So no more restrictions.


Find Wi-Fi is built directly into Facebook app, the option shows a map of your location as well as listing all the available Wi-Fi hotspots that you can connect to freely. Also if you’re in a location where your mobile data is weak, you can as well use the feature to connect to any available Wi-Fi network.


✔  Launch your Facebook app
✔ Click on the More tab and then Find Wi-Fi.
✔ Once in the Find Wi-Fi tab, you may need to turn Wi-Fi on, if it isn't on already.
Then it would bring the list of available Wi-Fi networks, just connect to any of them and begin to browse for free.

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Note that the Free Wi-Fi will not work on password protected WiFi network around you, so it’s only those that are not passworded.

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