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How To Share File From Phone To PC or PC To Phone Using Xender App

Xender app is one of the most popular apps on Andriod devices and it’s very useful in terms of sharing data from one device to another. Since the introduction of Xender, sending and receiving files has been made easier especially between Andriod devices but in this tutorial am going to show you how to transfer files from Phone to PC or from PC to Phone through Xender app.

I know many people will be thinking that is it possible to transfer file from PC to Phone or Phone to PC via Xender? Well, it’s very possible; the advancement of technology has made things easier for us. Before we always need USB cable to transfer file from PC to Phone and vice versa but Xender app has put an end to that. Thanks to our developers.

Advantages of Sharing File Using Xender App

1. It is very easier and convenient

2. It does not requires megabyte before you can share file

3. It can share large amount of files without any delay

4. It is the fastest way of sharing files.

How To Share File From Andriod To PC And Vice Versa Using Xender App

Like I have said eralier, it is very easy to share file(s) between Andriod and PC therefore, kindly follow the below procedures to share file.

1. Firstly, Turn ON your PC Wi-Fi

2. Launch your Xender app on your Andriod phone and click Connect to PC

Xender app

3. Tap on your PC Wi-Fi and connect to Xender APb751 

Xender app

4.  Click on Create Host

Xender app

4. Open any browser on your PC and input in the address bar

Xender app

5. And finally, Accept permission to share file on your phone

Xender app

Then you can begin to send as many files either to your PC or Phone.

Xender app

That’s all about how to share file from Phone to PC or PC to Phone through Xender app.

What do you have to say about this, Is there any confusion? Feel free to ask question through the comment box.

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