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Infinix Note 3 Rolled-out Update. See More Here

Are you Infinix Note 3 X601 user? There is good news for you as the latest officially Andriod 7 Nougat update has just been released on the device.

Last month, I bought my Infinix Note 3 which comes with Andriod 6.0 operating system but recently I discovered that the phone usually show an update notification at the notification menu and when I checked through it I discovered its Nougat 7 update notification.

This new update is the XOS Chameleon V2.0.0 and it comes with some newly added features and improvements which makes the phones more stable.

Fixed Issues:
  • Fixed the issue where the OTA upgrade failed due to insufficient space of Data zone.
  • Fixed the issue where the MTP mode and charging mode was in disorder when the phone was connected to PC
  • Fixed the issue where character in some interfaces was incompletely displayed when the font size was large
  • Fixed the issue where the translation of some language was inaccurate in order to improve the experience value of the product
  • Fixed the issue where there was noise when FM using speaker in order to improve FM sound effect
  • Fixed the issue where the Wi-Fi setting could not be skipped in startup guide

Optimized Issues:
  • Optimized the recognition rate of fingerprint to improve the sensitivity of unlocking
  • Optimized the undercurrent under airplane mode to improve standby experience
  • Optimized the GPS position to achieve superstrong position
  • Optimized the G-sensor to improve the recognition capacity

Added Functions:
  • Added Phoenix Browser as the exclusive browser of Infinix
  • Updated Calcare to latest version
  • Updated Google Patch to GMS 6.0_R10
Released notes:
Caution! This update may crash rooted devices therefore ensure that your device is not rooted before downloading the update.

  • Please plug in charger to OTA upgrade when power is lower than 30%

Is it helpful? Kindly leave your comment in the box below and if youre having any issue as regards the update, you can drop it as we shall attend to you immediately.

Great!!! Infinix Note 3 Pro To Receive Andriod OS 7 Nougat Update

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