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Blackberry Releases New App Called "Privacy Shade" For Andriod Users, You'll Love it

Privacy Shade is a new app designed by Blackberry for the latest Andriod OS. Just as the name, Privacy Shade is designed to maintain your privacy by preventing people around you from seeing your screen even when youre in the public. This app blocks the entire Andriod screen except for a small area that you control.

Therefore, Privacy Shade has made it possible for you to read your messages, emails and enjoy your private chats even though youre in the midst of your people.

Unfortunately, Privacy Shade does not compatible with Andriod 6.0 and below which means only those with the latest Andriod 7.0 Nougat and above can enjoy the app.

Privacy Shade allows you to:
  • Control the visibility of sensitive content.
  •  View and send sensitive content while in the open without letting others around you see your private information.
  • Only expose the exact area youre reading or typing in.
  • Adjust the transparency of the shade to suit your environment.
Where to Download Privacy Shade
You can download it from Google play store

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