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3 Tips to Make Your iPhone Battery Charges Faster

For how long have you been experiencing slow charging on your iPhone? Don’t worry, the below tips will help you to boost your iPhone charging time. Just follow it.

One of the major reasons why many people prefer Andriod smartphones over iPhone is the charging technology. Most of the new Andriod phones come with an in-built fast charging technology that gives the phone quick charge within few hours but yet this feature is not yet support by any iPhone (as at the time of writing this post). Probably, may be very soon it will show up on iPhone. Below are 3 simple tips to make your iPhone charge faster.


1. Use an iPad Charger to Charge Your iPhone

iPad charger supplies 12W and 2.1A of power while the iPhone charger only supplies 5W and 1A of power. So the difference between the iPad charger and that of iPhone is much cleared. Therefore since the iPad charger compatible with all Apple mobile devices there is no need for you to waste your time on iPhone charger instead use iPad charger.

2. Charge your iPhone in Low Power Mode

When you charge your iPhone with this mode on, it reduces the performance of your device and prolongs the battery life. And also increases the charging speed.

3. Charge in Airplane Mode

This tip works on both Andriod and iPhone. When the airplane mode is on it turns off all forms of data connections even including the wireless on your device. Which means you will not receive any form of notifications during this period. So turning on your iPhone airplane mode during charging will improve your device charging speed.

Once you’re able to apply the above tips, I promise you will experience a dramatic improvement in your iPhone battery charging speed.
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