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Download Updated Stark VPN 2.8 And Enjoy Etisalat And Glo Free Browsing

Stark VPN version 2.8 is the latest version of the app. The new version comes with an interesting feature such as self configured tweak settings.

The self configure tweak settings gives you the opportunity of creating your own custom tweak if you don’t want to make use of the pre-installed available tweak. Presently, Etisalat and Glo free browsing configuration are already pre-installed in stark VPN 2.8.
Stark VPN V2.8
Another great advantage of Stark VPN 2.8 is that when there is free browsing cheat and the developer haven’t updates the app with the new cheat then you don’t need to wait for the updated version before you can enjoy it, all you have to do is; select the custom tweak from the list and input your settings to the custom settings place and start rocking.
Stark VPN V2.8
Furthermore, in the new custom settings, you can input your host header configuration, you can use your proxy host and port and you can also select the kind of connection you want whether TCP, HTTP or SSL.

Also Stark VPN V2.8 has been updated with refresh server option. With this, there is latest available server for you to enjoy. 

How To Enjoy Unlimited Free Browsing On Etisalat And Glo Daily Free Browsing With Stark VPN V2.8

1. Launch the Stark VPN app

2. Click on Select Location and choose "Auto Select Location"

3. Click on Tweaks and Select Glo or (If you want to use Custom settings, in the tweaks list, kindly use Custom and by the side then click on the Custom with Red colour to edit your settings) 

4. Finally, Click on the Red big button to connect 

5. It takes less than 5 seconds to connect 

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Image credits: Femtoptech

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