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Beware! There Is Now Fake Infinix Note 3 Smartphone In The Market

The report reaching us now has made us known that fake Infinix Note 3 has entered the mobile market. According to the information, the fake Infinix Note 3 has almost the same features and look with the original one.

It will be very bad and unjust to go to the market and later discovered that you bought a fake phone thinking it was the real one. Therefore this post will guide you whenever you want to buy your Infinix Note 3 so as to easily recognize the fake ones.

How to spot the fake Infinix Note 3 Smartphone

The positioning of the sensor is different From the real one

There is no SD card port in the fake one while the real one has

Finger print sensor for the fake is not functioning

Charging port positioning of the fake is At the top

When you buy the fake Infinix Note 3, you will only find Charger, Ear piece, Screen guard and Extra USB cord as the accessories.

The above is the available ways of identifying fake Infinix Note 3 and if you also have any trick that is different from this you can share it through the comment box. Also it is advisable for you to buy your phone at an approved Smartphone dealer shop or outlet in order not to fall victim.

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