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Ways To Make Blogging Easier As A Student

Mostly, blogging is usually carry out by the students, report shows that more than average of the blogs in the world are owned by the students. So when I was a student and the same time doing blogging I knew how stressful it is. Particularly in terms of time consumption, if someone is not focus or determined he/she may end up achieving nothing both in the primary assignment (i.e. academic) or in blogging. In most cases, the level of stress may depends on your niche take for instance, I personally as a Tech blogger, I did a lot of sleepless night just to make sure my blog is up to the standard - as the work ranges from writing posts, writing mobile and other devices review, replying comments, attending to social media groups and others so also I must think of my primary assignment. 

But there are some strategies which I applied then that relieved me a little bit in term of stress. Here is it below

Strategies To Reduce Blogging  Stress.

ü  Don't Search For News, Let The News Come To You
I could remember when I was new in the profession I must search the net and visit the top site in my niche before I could write a post but nowadays RSS feed has made it simple for me even without going through any stress. RSS feed is the best way to get latest updates and this can be done by adding the feed URL of the top sites in your niche to the feed reader. So once theres any latest news you will get it instantly without stressing yourself.

ü  Schedule Posts For The Future
This feature is usually helpful especially if youre operating under Blogger and Wordpress. So assuming you have a busy schedule (like lectures or exam) ahead you and so you wont have time to write posts then simply pick one of your weekends and make all your posts then schedule them to post at a future date. This will make you not to lose your followers and also keep your blog updated.

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ü  Use Online Tools To Share Your Posts
Another vital issue to discuss is how to share your schedule posts across the social media. There are many online tools that can help you to automatically share your post for example help me to automatically share my posts to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. By using this method, it will reduce your stress.

ü  Employ Someone To Help You Run Your Blog
There is no doubt that computer is playing an important role in our daily endeavors. Most of the works that suppose to be done by human being have been taken over by the computers. But despite this, there is nothing like human touch. 

It's quite possible your online tools may not cover all your expectations for example free version of can help you to share post to only three social media therefore for someone that has many where to share post to; you may still need to require the services of someone. So also you can employ someone to post on your behalf either on daily or weekly basis depending on your financial ability.

ü  Schedule Time For Replying Comments
Ability to respond and reply to your blogs comment as at when needed is very important in blogging. So how can you get this done when you have a busy schedule ahead of you? Whether youre doing your blogging on your Smartphone or PC, the best way to reply comment is to set a specific time- it may be your free hours, this will make your blog commentator to have believe in you and to know that you are with them especially when theyre expecting answer to a question.

The above are the methods I used to reduce blogging stress during my time as a student. What are yours? Kindly add yours through the comment box.

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