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 Imagine how interesting and exciting it will be when your callers hear your own voice as caller tune whenever they call you. In view of this, MTN has made it possible for their customers to compose tune of their choice and used it as their caller tune. This service is called MTN DIY which means Do It Yourself.



·         It can used as a greeting message.
·         It can be used for advertisement: like I have said above, it can be used to advertise your organization product or services.
·         It can be used as a reminder of a particular event such as wedding, birthday anniversary, ordinations and lots more.
·         It can also be used as a means of passing information.
·         Another great benefit of MTN DIY Caller Tunez is that; Tunez can be Upload on MTN server.

So if you are a musician, high-life, gospel, rapper, pop and so on, a track of your album can be uploaded on the MTN Caller Tunez server.

How To Personalize Your MTN Caller Tune

Kindly follow the below procedures to customize your caller tunez by using DIY

·         Call the MTN Caller tune zone on 4100 then listen
·         Press [1]to activate your caller tune first
·         Now press [4] on your phone to DIY your favorite song or tune
·         Then press [1] to begin

Make sure you listen to the information that will be given to you before you proceed to record your tune to the phone after the beep.
Also you can record anything you like either through your voice or while playing your favorite sound.

For example, You can say, Thanks for calling (your name), please kindly wait while I pick your call.  Also if you want to use it to advertise your business, you can say Thanks for calling, you are yet to speak with YOUR NAME then you can start advertising your business.

·          Press (#) when you finished recording

·          Listen to the tune when replayed

·         If youre satisfied with it then press (1) to confirm and submit that tune

·         You would hear a voice responding you that you have succeeded.

·         Also you will receive a text message shortly.

After these, then you have successfully created a customized caller tune for your line so whenever they call you, they would hear the tune. You can also check it out yourself by calling your number from another SIM.


  • Only limited time is allowed (like maximum of 15 seconds).
  • The service is not free therefore, charges started immediately you dialed 4100 and you will be charge according to time spent just like normal call rate.

Confused? Feel free to ask questions as regard the topic from us.

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