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Due to the limitation from central bank of Nigeria, Nigerians have been finding it difficult to shop from online stores through the use of their Naira debit Master, visa and verve card. Even some are scared to use their debit card due Naira crashing.
But I think it’s right for you to get your prepaid payoneer MasterCard now in order to enjoy unlimited benefits and without worrying of the issue mentioned above.


Also if you are a blogger and you’re looking for the best way to receive your online earnings from Publishers outside Nigeria then Payoneer Bank is the best option for you, therefore in this post, I will be sharing with you how to apply for Payoneer MasterCard and get it delivered to Nigeria within 15 to 20 days.


There are a lot of benefits attached to Payoneer MasterCard, therefore I will list them below so you could see the benefits when you finally get yours but I promise you won’t get disappointed.

v  It can be used on local ATM machine.
v  There is a free $25 for you immediately you signup
v  You can shop online or you can use it in stores that support MasterCard.
v  Through Payoneer MasterCard, you can send and receive money from abroad.
v  Easily verify and withdrawal of your PayPal Fund to your Payoneer MasterCard.
v  You can also make money through its Referer program.
v  It is used to receive payments from top affiliate networks like PeerFly, CPAlead, ClickBank, 007CPA, CPA Beyond, and the rest.
v  A payoneer MasterCard holder also benefit Free US Bank Account:- Payoneer make it possible for Payoneer MasterCard holder to have a US Bank account even if you’re living outside the US.


The most common question people do ask is – How can the Nigerians get this card?  Yes applying for Payoneer MasterCard is very easy irrespective of your country, so as a Nigerian, you can easily get your Payoneer MasterCard delivered to your specified address.
Follow the below procedures to sign up for Payoneer MasterCard.

CLICK HERE to sign up for Payoneer.
This will take you to step one.


The step one contains your personal information like Name, Email and Date of birth. The name is the name that will be on the card while your email represents your username where you will be contacted. Complete it. These will lead to step two


This step involves the filling of your contact details like country, address, city, postal/zip code and phone number. All this above information are very important, therefore you must ensure you provide them correctly in order to get your card through your specified address. As regards the postal code, P.O. Box is not usually allowed therefore, I will advice you to use a NIPOST postal code that is closer to you.
After you might have completed the above information, then click on NEXT it will take you to step three.


This step contains security details like username, password, security question and answer. The username is automatically the email you provided in step one, this is where you will receive email from Payoneer after 1-2 days of application to know whether your application is approved or not. If your application is approved then congratulation, as your card will arrive within 15-20 days.


This is the last step where you will order for your Payoneer MasterCard. But before placing your order you must select the type of government ID (that is, Driver license, Int’l passport and National ID) you want to use. Then agree their terms and conditions then click order.



Activating your Payoneer MasterCard is very easy. Once you’ve received your card in your hand, then login to your Payoneer account by using your Username (email) and Password.After logging in to your account, then click on Activate button.

Now enter the “16 digit card number” (the number at the front of your newly collected Payoneer MasterCard). Then choose 4 digit PIN (like that of ATM) that you will be using in ATMs and stores. Click on “Activate
Note: These 4 digit PIN is very important, therefore you must not forget it.

That’s all on how to get your Payoneer MasterCard. Are you confused? Feel free to ask any question from us, all your queries will be respond to as appropriate.

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