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This is a very vital aspect of smartphone purchase tips. It’s very risky to buy smartphone nowadays without checking whether the smartphone really worth or deserve the price or not, this mistake could go an extended manner to haunt you. So in this article I will show you some useful tips that can assist you whenever you want to buy smartphone therefore before purchasing your smartphone check the specifications to comply with what am about to discuss below.

Android Specifications You Must Check Out For Before Buying A New Smartphone.

1. Screen Size

This is the size of the device screen. It is measured in inches or cm/mm. So if you’re keen on massive display screen smartphone? Then it’s advisable for you to begin to search for a device within the range or large than 5.5/6.0 Inches. Examples of Andriod with this screen size are Techno Phantom 6, Camon C8 and many more.

2. Android OS:

This is the operating system in which Android devices are built. So before you choose to buy any smartphone ensure it’s running on the maximum current version of Android OS. As at the time of gathering this article, Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) is the latest therefore your minimum target should not below these especially this period that Whatsapp will no longer work on low version of Androids. Also make sure it has OTA update in order to update to the latest updates in the nearest future.


3. Battery Capacity
Battery capacity is an important feature to examine before buying a smartphone. So make sure you check this feature before thinking of making payment for the new phone especially in a country like Nigeria where there’s epileptic power supply. Hence your smartphone battery capacity should not less than 4000mAh if you want to enjoy it.

4. Camera Pixels
As we all know the function camera performs on phone, So it is very important you get a smartphone that has high quality camera especially if you’re someone that like snapping pix. Quality camera here gone beyond 5MP or 8MP camera therefore it is advisable for you to go for smartphone with high definition (HD) for both the Rear and Front camera. Anything below this please don't think about it. Also if you love snapping pictures at night then consider buying a phone with dual flash light.

7. RAM
Confused? Don’t know what I mean by RAM Lol..  RAM means Random Access.  This is where your device ability to install many apps lies. As for me it is first thing for me to check whenever I want to buy phone because I love playing games on my phone and without big RAM that can’t be possible. So don’t hesitate to get a device with minimum of 2GB Ram. With that, you will be able to run many apps at once without experiencing a crash or your phone or hanging unnecessarily.

5. Network Type
This is also important especially now that Naija telecom providers has just launched their 4G LTE network. Meanwhile it depends on the business you want to use the device for but if it’s for browsing online then it’s advisable for you to choose 4G LTE enable devices in order to make your job faster.

6. Processor Speed
This covers the response behaviour of your phone applications and services. If you’re the type that loves playing high graphics games like me then you should endeavour to go for a minimum of 1.4GHz. (Octacore or Hexacore).

7. Storage Capacity
At least the internal storage capacity of your phone should not less than 8GB and must be expandable with SD card.

8. Weight
Before buying any android device please endeavour to check the weight because the larger the screen, the heavier it become.

So that’s all what I’ve gathered to assist you whenever you want to buy Smartphone. Is there any omission? Kindly add it through our comment box.

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