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Traffic is very important in blogging; researches shows more than 80% of blogs failed due to the lack of traffic therefore the level of your blog traffic will determine your level of success in blogging.
As a result of this I have decided to write this article to assist you on how to promote your blog in order to get more visitors to your blog. Below are the lists


Publish More Articles: This is one of the most effective tool of blog traffic. Irrespective of your niche, you must be able to post articles to your blog at regular interval, not just article but those articles that will entice visitors therefore your articles must be able to solve your readers problem at a particular point in time. In order to confirm what I mean kindly increase the level of your article posting.

Publish Longer Content: Publish longer articles on your blog also increase our blog traffic. Research has shown that Google and other search engines like bing prefer longer article that contained thousands of word to that shorter ones. Also Google ranks content that have more than 3,000 words better than content with fewer words.
According to Patel, in one of his article he revealed that one of the major reasons why his blogs get mush traffic is because he published longer content.


Start an Email List: Email is a powerful tool for generating traffic to your blog, according to a successful blogger, he said that email is among the top 3 source of traffic to his blog. Therefore your email list will always keep your followers informed of your new posts. So if you haven’t started building an email list, start now.

Guest Blog: Guest blog simply means writing for other people’s blog. And it is one of the fastest ways to grow your blog. This usually works when you write an article in which you featured your blog link and submit to a blog that is more popular and bigger than yours. This can result in a lot of traffic for you.

Optimize Your Blog for Search Engines: Search engines are the number one source of traffic for most blogs. Therefore the role of search engines like Google, yahoo and bing cannot be underrated. Meanwhile, to ensure your blog is listed on the search engine, you must ensure your blog is indexed on the search engine especially on Google which is the biggest and the most popular search engine in the world. So it’s very important to familiarize yourself with this concept.

Comment on Other Blogs: Blogging has gone beyond comments like nice thread, interesting topic etc on an article especially if you owned a blog. Therefore you must share your best knowledge and experience on the topic under discussion. Posting the right comment on a highly authoritative blog at the right time can give you in return a lot of traffic. Through your comments and interactions at regular interval on top blogs will make the member of the community to notice you and visit your blog which will in turns increase your traffic.

Feature Other Bloggers in Your Articles: This is also one of the techniques that most professional bloggers used to get traffic to their blogs. They featured many other bloggers in their article (through links) and then reaching out to those bloggers who they linked to letting them know that they’ve linked to them. This makes them to share those articles where they are linked which also increase blog traffic.

Feature Owners of Popular Forums: This can be achieved by creating some level of familiarity with the popular forum owners. Therefore to engage in this you must compile a list of the biggest forum owners in your niche (example is Nairaland) and interview them with the aim of inviting them to share your article and also participate in a round up post on your blog.

Run a Blogging Contest: There are several ways of running contest on your blog but the best contest you can run as a blogger is the one that can generate high level of traffic to your blog. How can you achieve this? This can be achieved by hosting a contest and make it conditional such that participants must share your article on social media or on blog. This will go a long way to boost your blog’s traffic.

Social Media Strategy: The best way to make effective use of the social media is by developing a social strategy and focusing on the key social networks and interacting in groups in order grow your social media reach.
Also sharing your article once in a while won’t benefit you even if you have thousands of followers therefore in order to gain traffic to your blog, you must make sure you constantly post updates, and regularly repost old articles on social media.

Promote Your Blog on Top Forums in Your Niche: Forums like Nairaland is a good source of traffic, without any doubt research shows that many of the top forums in the world today get millions of visitors and thousands of new topics within a month. You can achieve your aim by contributing, sharing your knowledge and ideals on the forum popular discussions. By doing this you will have to drop your blog links there.

Introduce Blog Cross-Promotion with Other Bloggers: This is done through what is called shout out exchange. It is simply finding a blogger who has more followers and like yours and encourage them to mention you on their blog and you mention them too on your blog. You can also ask them to promote you through email while you also do the same thing to them.

Submit Your Article to Blogging Communities: Submitting your article to blogging communities will generate traffic to your blog. These methods have been existing for long and it’s a good source of traffic. All you need to do is to look for a blogging community in your niche where you can share interesting articles with and sometimes submit your articles.

Include Social Share Buttons on Your Blog: I discovered some bloggers do not include social sharing buttons on their blogs and these has a very serious negative effects on their blogs as it reduces their blog traffic not only that but also reduces their social exposure. If you’re not having it on your blog kindly add it in order to boost your traffic.

Facebook Page: Facebook page can be a good source of traffic to your blog if you can effectively make use of it. Many people fail to get their results from Facebook because they approach it in a wrong way which makes it difficult for their followers to differentiate them from spammers.
Facebook group page isn’t just about posting your links but ensure you use catchy text images in our post and also ensure that your posts are relevant to the extent of providing a great benefits to your followers.

LinkedIn Groups: This is just like Facebook but there is a slight difference in them.  LinkedIn is a social network for the highly professionals therefore sharing your article with your LinkedIn connections won’t send you traffic but look for the top LinkedIn groups in your niche and join them and occasionally you can submit your best articles to them.

Promote Your Blog on Quora: Quora is another source of traffic to blog and this can be achieved by participating in quora popular discussions.

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