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There are several things about the iPhone in which no current android handset can match below are some.


The first thing to say about iPhone is that it is more secure than any android devices in the world. This is because whenever Google releases an update for any Android device it is usually released to fix some vulnerability or to correct some weaknesses, so it gets released to device manufacturers who will have to tweak it to work on their hardware. Also when update are  releases on any particular device there is a delay between a vulnerability coming to light and the update going live because there have to be two development cycles for example (Google and HTC), not just one. While Apple on the other hand releases their updates straight to device which means that the same level of security you will enjoy on a 3 months iphone is still the same you will enjoy on a months iphone 7. Therefore there is no Android device can claim that level of protection.

Integration into a wider ecosystem

Apple iPhones also have the advantage of multiple other devices that they can talk to. For example with other Apple products, you can make calls, answer texts and even access your clipboard on another device. You can easily resume documents form where you left off as long as your devices are near each other. While this is not possible on Andriod devices due to the fragmentation which makes integration and co-operation between devices impossible.

Google Andriod Distribution  and iOS Distribution Market Share

Google has only reviewed apps in the Play store since 2015 which is not enough to establish if their processes are as robust as Apple. So also it is possible to download Andriod apps from other sources which could contain malware that can damage someone device. While as for iOS, their apps can only be downloaded from the Apple Store. Also Apple apps are usually vetted by Apple and bar one or two slip-ups, so with this, you can be confident of downloading a safe app from their store.



Apple iOS are well designed and their performance is very efficient therefore their CPUs may not be clocked faster than an Exynos 8890 or Qualcom Snapdragon they outrun every Android device on the market and even some devices in later generations.

Help and Support

Apple offers the best online support and assistance to their customers. In fact they still remain the best I’ve ever seen. If you have any problem with an iPhone you can quickly go to an Apple store and they will sort it out for you irrespective of your location and even at the comfort of your living room without any delay. No Android manufacturers have ever offered this type of service to their customer. There's nowhere you can get an expert to diagnose and fix issues with your android device. Even if you decide to call the manufacturer, your call may be held for several hours without anyone to attend to you.

These are the little I was able to gathered. if you know any others that are not stated here you can drop it through our comment box.

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