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oday I’m writing on Google chrome and some useful tricks about it that can make your work easier and faster on. Am a Google chrome user in which I usually use it both on my phone and laptop, So with the little experience I had from using it I discovered it’s the most popular browser across the world. 

Why you must use Google chrome

Google chrome is a freeware web browser developed by google and released in the year 2008.

  1. Reliability:- Google chrome unlike other browsers is more reliable because it’s free from bugs and it doesn’t crashes.
  2. Speed:- As regard the issue of speed it is the most fastest browser which produce a desired result accurately
  3. Protection:- It gives you opportunity to lock your work without being exposed to the third party.
  4. Design:- Google chrome have a very good and attractive design.

Some useful tips and tricks you must know as Google Chrome user.

1.  Delete your web history selectively

Google Chrome provide you opportunity to delete your chrome history on selective basis. The simple truth is that chrome doesn’t have “select all” therefore if you want to delete as many of your history you must select them one by one.

2. Save web pages as PDFs

I don’t know may be you’ve noticed this but I discovered that Google Chrome is a browser that has an in-built PDF writer which allows you to save your web pages as Pdf files. This can simply be done by open any of your web page press Ctrl+P on Windows (or Cmd+P on your Mac) and choose “Save as PDF” from the list of available printers to download that page as a PDF file.

3. Assign custom keyboard shortcuts

Google Chrome supports a variety of keyboard shortcuts but you can also assign your own custom shortcuts to launch various extensions and Chrome apps. Just click on Settings >> More tools >> Developer tool >> Customize & Control Dev tool>> Shortcuts

4. Chrome Task Manager

Sometimes when Google Chrome works or perform operations very slowly quickly go to Settings >> More tools >> Task manager then click on the extensions that are consuming more memory then click end process.

5. Passwords Revealing

As you all know that browsers don’t normally display any password instead it display in asterisk format. But through Google Chrome this feature can be changed which means you can be seeing your password without being asterisked. Simply go to the settings.

6. You can customize your Location
Through chrome you can change your current location or choose  not to even share your location. Simply Go to Tools >> Developer Tools and press the Esc key to open the console. Here switch to the Emulation tab and enter any value for latitude and longitude.

7. You can compose email from the address bar

Google Chrome provide an easiest way of composing your email without the need to go through the long processes. Simply go to the address bar and type the mailto command like This will open the Gmail compose window and auto-fill the address in the field.

8. You can use Chrome as notepad

Some people called this magic note. Reason that with this data:text/html,<html contenteditable> JavaScript you are able to compose notepad through your google chrome. Just open a new tab and paste the above code into the address bar. Click anywhere inside the tab and start typing…

9.  You can use Google Chrome as a Media Player

This can be done by simply drag either your audio or video files to your chrome and start enjoying your viewing.

10. You can add more bookmarks

Google Chrome allows you to add as many bookmark as you like therefore If you would like to fit in more bookmarks in the toolbar of Chrome, just right-click any bookmark and add bookmark.

Google Chrome Keyboard shortcuts

Elements Panel                                                                                                                                  
Navigate elements
Edit attribute
Hide element
Toggle edit as HTML

Styles Pane
TabShift + Tab
Next/previous property
Increment value
Decrement value
PageUpShift + ↑
Increment by 10
PageDownShift + ↓
Decrement by 10
Shift + PageUp
Increment by 100
Shift + PageDown
Decrement by 100
Alt + ↑
Increment by 0.1
Alt + ↓
Decrement by 0.1

F8Ctrl + \
Pause/ Continue
F10Ctrl + '
Step over
F11Ctrl + ;
Step into
Shift + F11Ctrl + Shift + ;
Step out
Ctrl + .Ctrl + ,
Next/previous call frame
Ctrl + Shift + E
Evaluate selection in console
Ctrl + Shift + A
Add selection to watch
Ctrl + B
Toggle breakpoint
Ctrl + F8
Toggle all breakpoints


Text Editor
Ctrl + Shift + O
Go to member
Ctrl + Space
Ctrl + G
Go to line
Alt + -
Jump to previous editing location
Alt + +
Jump to next editing location
Ctrl + /
Toggle comment
Alt + ↑
Increment CSS unit by 1
Alt + ↓
Decrement CSS unit by 1
Alt + PageUp
Increment CSS unit by 10
Alt + PageDown
Decrement CSS unit by 10
Ctrl + D
Select next occurrence
Ctrl + U
Soft undo
Ctrl + M
Go to matching bracket
Alt + W
Close editor tab
Alt + O
Switch between files with the same name and different extensions.

Timeline Panel
Ctrl + E
Start/stop recording
F5Ctrl + R
Record page reload
Ctrl + S
Save timeline data
Ctrl + O
Load timeline data
Jump to previous/next frame

Profiles Panel
Ctrl + E
Start/stop recording

All Panels
Ctrl + [Ctrl + ]
Go to the panel to the left/right
Ctrl + Alt + [Ctrl + Alt + ]
Go back/forward in panel history
Ctrl + Tilde
Show console
Toggle drawer
Ctrl + Shift + M
Toggle device mode
Ctrl + Shift + D
Toggle dock side
Ctrl + F
Ctrl + Shift + F
Search across all sources
Ctrl + Shift + C
Select node to inspect
Ctrl + P
Go to source

I believe with the above stated numerous benefits, Google Chrome is still remain the best and worth downloading so if you don’t have it or you have not been using it as your default browser kindly find and download.

I would love if you would share this post with your friends and leave me a comment below. You can also share more tricks on Google chrome with us.

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