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Microsoft released Window 8.1 as an upgrade for Window 8 on August 2013. It is regarded as the professional version of Window 8. This update was released to fixes the bugs and to resolve the complaints of the users of window 8. There are a lot of improvement in this said window, parts of which includes the User interface, Start screen, Extra packed apps, Bing Search engine etc.


Windows 8.1 Keyboard Shortcuts

I am a Window 8.1 User and I have so much interests in it because it has been assisting me by making my work faster especially when I adapted to it Shortcuts. I know many of the shortcuts may not be new to you especially if you’re window 7 User but there are some additional shortcuts added to it which made it special and unique.

Below is the list of Window 8.1 shortcuts:

[Windows Key + E] – Explorer
[Windows Key + F] – Search for files
[Windows Key + Q] – Search for Apps
[Windows key + W] – Search for Settings
[Windows Key + C] – Access the charms bar
[Windows Key + R] – Run Dialog
[Windows Key + L] – Lock Computer
[Windows Key + P] – Screens
[Windows Key + B] – Set focus in the notification area
[Windows Key + D] – Show Desktop
[Windows Key + I] – Settings
[Windows Key + K] – Open the Devices charm
[Windows Key + PgUp/PgDn] – Toggle Modern Desktop between desktops

If you are looking for the general computer keyboard shortcut kindly search “Computer Keyboard” from my blog.

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