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I know many of us might have been seen some of this cool font style features on your Whatsapp either in the private chat or in the group.


Whatsapp which was recently acquired by Facebook introduced this typing enhancement feature to improve the readability and the typing performance of Whatsapp users. The good news about this latest development is that it works on all devices including java, Symbian, window, Blackberry, iphone and Andriod.

Therefore if you like to use this 4-in-1 typing feature, kindly update your Whatsapp to the latest version and follow the below procedures.

Bold words feature

This feature allows you to bold any word you want to type on your whatsapp either in the private chat or group chat. For example, let’s say you want to bold “The boy is good” kindly put asterick (*) sign at the beginning and the end of the word or sentence like this *The boy is good*  this will make your words bolden like this The boy is good.

Italic feature

This feature makes your words to be in italic format. For example, to write the above example in italic then put underscore (_) symbol at the beginning and the end just like this “_The boy is good_” this will make it look like this The boy is good.

Typewriter font

This new font is called FixedSys. It also allows you to type your word in a typewriter format just like the typewriting machine. This is done by simply put backquote symbol (`) three times before and after the text. For example if you want to type “Sirkaytech” simply type it like this ```Sirkaytech``` then your text will be typed in a typewriter font.


This is another font style that allows you to strikethrough any word you type on your Whatsapp. This can be done by adding this symbol (῀᷉ ) before and after your word. Eg. ῀Sirkaytech῀ will change to this Sirkaytech.

This is how to use the new Whatsapp font style features. Kindly share this to your friends through the share button below.

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