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Today am going to share with you how to set your full image as your Whatsapp profile picture on Andriod and iphone without cropping.                                                                            

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging app where millions of users chat and share information like images, videos and voice recording to their loved ones. But I discovered many of the Whatsapp users are experiencing difficulties in using their full picture as their Whatsapp profile picture. Which means whenever they want to set their Whatsapp profile picture, there is a restriction which restrict them to crop an image to a fixed square dimension before it can be used as a profile picture.

But in this tutorial, am going to show you how to use your full image as your profile picture without cropping and this can be done with the help of application. This application helps you to convert your full image to a square dimension. Meanwhile there are many apps that can be used to perform this operation but we choose the best for you.

How to set full size image as Whatsapp profile picture on Andriod

1.      The first thing to do is to download an app called #SquareDroid from the playstore or click here to download

2.      After download, install and launch the app

3.      Now select “pick a photo” from the options as shown below


4.      Then browse the image you want to use as your profile picture

5.      This will automatically crop the image you selected and convert it into square


6.      Then hit save at the top right corner beside instagram icon

7.    Now you can edit the image you just created by changing the background blur, gradient or the strength of your effect

8.      Now you can go to Whatsapp and set the image as your profile picture

How to set full size image as Whatsapp profile picture on iphone

Under the iphone section, there are two applications available which is Squaregram and Squareit. You can simply choose any of the app as both of them perform the same functions.
To download any of this app, kindly go to Apple store on your iphone and search for any of them, then download,  install and launch

As for the procedures of using this app on your iphone, kindly follow the above procedure (that is, how to use it on Andriod)
Also you can also edit the image created with this app like changing the sharpness, brightness, contrast and more.

Note: You can also use this app to set your instagram profile picture by following the same procedures stated above.

I think you’ve known how to set your full image as your profile pictures on both Whatsapp and instagram. Or confuse? Feel free to ask any question as regard this topic. Also share this post with your friends through the share icon below. You can also subscribe to our daily posts for free through the space provided in the main menu.

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