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There have been a lot of arguments every day on which smartphone is the best but in this article I will compare the two leading smartphones.

Meanwhile there are many companies vying for whom to claim the smartphone supremacy, but as at today Google Androids and Apple iOS are still the major dominance in the mobile world therefore they remain the best mobile operating systems, while my apology goes to Window phone, Palm OS and Blackberry.


I know it’s somehow difficult to conclude one phone is better than the others because each has its own advantages therefore in this article am going to differentiate between Google Andriod and iOS smartphone by taking a look at both the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

 Cost – Android  (winner)

Without any doubt Andriod devices are cheaper than iphone. There are varieties of Androids with different sizes of screen out there which are very cheaper in terms of cost as compared to iphone. Also if you're looking for different choices of smartphone, it's Android. Apple normally releases one new phone every year which makes iphone to has two choices; that is, this year's model and last year's model. Whereas new Andriod phones are mostly releases almost every week which makes it to be more popular and to be smartphone of the moment.

Apps – iPhone  (winner)

Iphone is more advantageous in terms of applications. The reasons for this remains that most of the apps developers prefer to develop apps for the Apple Store first because the rate at which people are paying for apps on iPhone is higher than that of android. Researches shows that Apple store has about 1.6 million apps while Andriod which get its apps from Google playstore currently has over 1.2 million Apps. Therefore if you’re looking for numerous selection of apps, then the Apple App Store has it.

Adobe Flash – Android (winner)

Adobe flash makes Andriod easier to watch all various kinds of videos and to play varieties of games online unlike iphone which does not support adobe flash which makes it not to be able to watch flash videos. Meanwhile you can watch several videos on youtube through your iphone but just that not all videos.

Ease Of Use – iPhone (winner)

Meanwhile both the two devices are easy to use but it depends on the perspective in which you viewed it. Which means your own justification may different from my. As regards me, I think Android simple and easier to use.

Rooting and Bootloaders- Andriod  (winner)

Rooting Andriod devices is made possible as it allows you to have complete access and control over your device and also it gives you access to more apps and the new updates. Unlike iOS which does not support rooting.


The two devices compared above are good and their performances have been awesome, therefore as a consumer it is very difficult to jump into conclusion that one OS is better than the other but it can be seen from the points stated above.

Which do you prefer from the two devices stated above? Let’s hear your view through the comment box.

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