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Have you ever noticed that the speaker volume of Mtk (Media Tek) devices are very poor when compared to others? When I wanted to buy my  android phone my aim was to buy an android phone that has a very good and loud speaker quality but when I finally bought it and took it home I discovered  that the speaker is not as loud as non Mtk devices. This really baffles me to the extent of almost reselling the phone until I found solution to it.
So if you’re facing the same problem as stated above, there is no need for you to bother yourself as I’m going to proffer you a solution to it now.

How to Increase your speaker volume

>> Requirement: Engineering mode Mtk  ( If you don’t have it kindly click here to download it.)
>> Launch your “Engineering mode Mtk “
>> Click on “Engineer mode (mtk)
>>Swipe to “Hardware Testing” and select Audio
>>Select loud speaker mode. You will see Max volume value 128, set it to 150 and
hit the set button

Note : You can set this value to any of your choice but the recommended value is 150 as to save your speaker.
Also if you want to increase your incoming call volume, just repeat the same procedures for Sip , Mic,
Sph , Sph2 , Sid and Media . Once you are done with this, hit the set button and
you are good to go.

Confused? Feel free to ask any question as am here to respond to your queries. Also you can show appreciation giving comment..

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