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Virtually all of you are aware about the uses of recycle bin. 

But for the sake of those minority I will show you what recycle bin really mean.

Recycle Bin is a feature in computer that stores deleted files. This feature makes it possible to get your lost files or the ones you deleted unknowingly.

Although many people find it annoying but I want to change your orientation.

Recycle bin is one of the best feature an Operating System can have.

Moreover, many of you thought or know that recycle bin is only for computers but I found out that its also for Android. 

I know you will ask me how? Yeah! That is the primary reason of this post. In this post, I will teach you how to add recycle bin to your android smartphone.

How To Add Recycle Bin To Android Smartphone

First of all, download es file explorer from Google playstore and install the ES File Explorer to your android smartphone or tablet.

1. Then Open the app on your smartphone, It is a file manager app.
Tap on the menu button on the top left corner of the screen.

Now slide and navigation menu will open.
Scroll down and find the Recycle bin option.

Toggle ON the option.

Now whenever you delete a file it will go to your recycle bin.

To view files in the recycle bin, follow the first 5 steps and then click on the recycle bin text.
Now You are in recycle bin folder.

That's it you are done.

Now you could enjoy the features of the recycle bin in computer on your android phone.

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