Internet has become a part of our daily lives in Nigeria, being online has become necessity for some people especially with the affluence of Smartphone devices, tablets and internet enabled devices into the country, which has increased the number of people connecting to the internet on daily basis.

According to the Internet and Telecoms Report, over 91 million out of over 180 million people living in Nigeria are internet users. This represents over 51% of the Nigerian total population according to Internet World Stats. Therefore, with this large number of population connected to the internet, there is a huge market for people who seek to make money online.
Below are some ways in which you can make money online as a Nigerian.



Blogging is the act or process of running or managing a blog. While a person who runs a blog is called a blogger. Therefore, A blog is an abbreviation of weblog, and it is used to refer to websites which information can be shared on either specific topics or general issues. The contents of a blog (which could be texts, videos, widgets or links to other sites and blogs) are called posts. These posts are usually appeared in a chronological order that is, from newest to oldest.

How Do I Earn Money Through Blogging?

Blogging is a source of income to those who understand and know how to manage it. It is not a doubt that many people are living comfortable through blogging both in Nigeria and outside. But there are some important factors to be considered before you can start earning money from your blog are;

Traffic: This is the most important factor in earning money with your blog. It is simply refers to the number of people visiting your blog on daily basis. So in order to gain high level of traffic to your blog, your site should be well designed and able to attract visitors. See 17 ways to promote your blog and get more visitors

Quality Content: This means your blog posts or articles should be unique, relevant, well-constructed grammatically, and well optimized for search engine optimization. Also avoid plagiarism at all costs.

Right Niche: Blog niche is the ability of choosing your area of focus or concentration. You can check here on how to choose the right niche

Advertising: There are two basic ways through which you can earn money through advertising on your blog;

First is by using pay per click (PPC) advertising network such as Google AdSense. With this, the owner of a blog or website gets paid according to the number of clicks he has from the advertisement placed on the blog. Google AdSense usually pays on 21st of every month with minimum of $100.

Second method is by reaching out to companies, people or brands to advertise on your blog. This only work if your blog is popular and has a wide followership with a lots of traffic. The terms and conditions of the advertisement will be agreed upon by both parties. Popular blogs like Ayproxy, Linda Ikeji and Bella Naija make a lot of money with this method.


This is another method you can used to make money online. It is available in various fields like writing, design, programming and more. Let say, you choose writing you could gain from $50-$120 per article. There are lots of companies online who are willing to pay freelancers irrespective of location or country in the world.



With the introduction of e-commerce and internet banking, online shopping and stores has become popular in Nigeria. These have made it possible to carryout online transaction (like order for goods) right from the comfort of your home and have it delivered to your doorstep. It has also presents a unique opportunity for those who are seeking to make money online.

You can decide to promote an individual, store, or company's product online via a unique link to you. As regard stores, commission will be paid to you on each sale made that were referred by your link. While in affiliate marketing, you may not need to create a product or service. All you need is an online platform to sell it.
Also you must be sure and trust the product you want to refer to people as to guarantee its quality.


With the increased usage and popularity of the internet in Nigeria, many individuals, organizations, brands, and corporate organizations are seeking an active online presence. If you are very good in web designing and programming, you can easily make a lot of money by building and managing websites and blogs for the above named entities. Even most companies in Nigeria employ IT personnel to handle their internet related issues, so it could be you if you have the required knowledge.

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